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Supply chain: Risk assessment in general

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The mere consideration of financially oriented risks is no longer sufficient in today's logistics. Rather, aspects such as risk management, sustainability and social requirements are of great relevance as a result of society. Several studies show, however, that many companies have not yet implemented risk management, nor have plans been drawn up to do so. Medium-sized companies in particular are still hesitant to consider an introduction. The company management either lacks the necessary risk awareness, or the companies regard the resulting cost factor as too high. With regard to current challenges for supply chain management, globalization is often cited as the greatest challenge. As the world and its countries become more interconnected, supply chains are becoming more and more international. As a result, supply chains are becoming longer and more expensive and risk-prone. The effective counteraction and the installation of safeguards in a supply chain is on the [...]

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Climate change as a business risk?

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Climate change and its consequences are painfully felt in many areas and increasingly pose a threat to people and the environment. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), "around 9% more precipitation falls over the year than 140 years ago". The increase in heat waves and hot days can also be clearly seen in the climate report of the German Weather Service (source: bkk.bund.de). Direct consequences of the climatic changes are weather extremes such as heavy rain (or snow), heat (or extreme cold) as well as increasing storms. They have an increasing impact on infrastructure, health, water resources, ecosystems, and much more. In the future, companies will also have to deal even more thoroughly with the possible effects and consequences of climate change. In May of this year, heavy rainfall caused the ceiling of a hospital delivery room to collapse and, at some point, electricity to fail. It [...]

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