Information security and data protection are two of the most sensitive issues in today’s globalized and networked business world.

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Since the revision of the “Standard for Compliance Management Systems” in 2015 and the enactment of the DSGVO in 2018, information security has become an issue that every company is concerned with. It is important to know which requirements must be observed, which information is critical and which systems and tools are available to protect this information in accordance with the law and in the interests of your customers and employees.

This is exactly where our partner xiv-consult GmbH comes in

The team of experienced experts designs your individual information security system so that you can concentrate on your core business. The colleagues pay particular attention to ensuring that all systems integrate seamlessly into your business processes. You can choose to what extent you want to use the expertise of xiv-consult – as pure consulting for specific questions, for the execution of a basic analysis, for the conception of management systems up to the realization of your complete data protection concept. Together with you, we create a mix that fits the needs of your company.



xiv-consult GmbH is specialized in the protection of information values within companies and corporate groups.

The entire chain is considered, from strategic planning, risk management and the assessment of information security to the selection of suitable protective measures. We place a special focus on the orientation towards internationally accepted standards and methods and thus follow best practice approaches.

The long-standing experience of the employees of xiv-consult GmbH covers the entire spectrum of information protection, the management of information security and its application in various industries. For more than 15 years, they have actively participated in the design of international standards for information security and, as co-editors of ISO, have contributed significantly to standards in IT security.

Bring us directly into your company and benefit from our sound specialist knowledge, management experience and a professional network.