We are experts in identifying critical business processes, developing a master plan with strategic actions and training it with your team through accompanied professional exercises and simulations. We are also happy to review your existing Business Continuity Management. Our goal is to create an appropriate resilience for your company.

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There are many dangers and risks for companies. Every day there are reports about cyber attacks, power failures or other scenarios in which companies are endangered to continue their business activities.

Risks can have various causes. e.g.

  • Political environment – such as US foreign policy, which is oriented towards economic isolation
  • Technological environment – e.g. cyber attacks in an increasingly digitized business world
  • Legislative environment – e.g. influence of EU legislation on individual countries
  • Environmental factors – such as climate change and the resulting natural disasters such as extreme weather conditions
  • Global economic environment – such as dependence on global supply chains and financial markets

If a company knows and is able to assess its own risks, this is the first step towards an entrepreneurial resilience strategy with appropriate precautionary measures and a quick and appropriate reaction.

With Business Continuity Management we can create the following for your company

  • Robust processes
  • Resilient strategies
  • An organized crisis team
  • Clearly defined guidelines for emergency situations
  • Clear, accurate and informed decision-making under pressure

We can develop the following suitable tools with you for

  • Reacting in an emergency / crisis
  • Monitoring the environment for changes
  • Implementing strategies to restore operations to pre-crisis levels
  • Communicating with all key stakeholders about the current situation
  • The aim is to reduce or prevent damage to your company.

The aim is to reduce or prevent damage to your company.

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The preparation of an Emergency Manual alone does not constitute emergency management. In particular, many companies focus only on prevention and not on the response to an emergency.  It is critical that your processes are robust to create a resilient business strategy that not only protects your business from major damage in an emergency, but also makes your day-to-day business better.

If you know your risk, you can develop an applicable Emergency Management Plan via tailor made emergency precaution concepts and train this with employees and members of the crises team. This will enable your organization to cope with unexpected scenarios.

Advantages of a BCM circuit

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk reduction
  • Implementation of a contingency plan
  • Reduction of effects
  • Protection of business interests and the interests of their main interest groups
  • Restoration to a normal operating level with minimal impact on the business.


We provide you with an all-round tailor-made solution for your business continuity requirements. With our concepts and solutions, we get you on the road to certification capability according to ISO 22301:2019. Regardless of whether you actually want to complete certification, your emergency and crisis management is compatible with national and international standards. This facilitates communication with service providers and authorities as well as the possible fulfilment of legal and customer requirements.


  • Readiness Assessment ISO 22301
  • Business Impact and Risk Analyses
  • Development of all relevant BCM documents
  • Diagnostics of teams and individuals
  • Assessment of existing emergency organizations


  • Classification of BCM in the context of risk management, corporate security and crisis management
  • Legal foundations and requirements
  • BCM Life Cycle Model, BCM Standards, Governance and Organization of the BCM
  • Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis
  • Operational continuity strategies and Prozesse


  • (Ad-hoc) Establishment of an emergency and crisis management system
  • Establishment of an experienced emergency response team
  • Structure of an emergency organization
  • crisis communication
  • emergency operation
  • Restoration of normal operation
  • Aftercare and follow-up of an emergency / crisis


  • Basic training in emergency and crisis management
  • Scenario training for employees and managers
  • Paper-based exercises and business games
  • Individually designed real exercises and bar frame exercises

Improvement (Controlling)

  • Cause analysis and initiation of an improvement process
  • Checking for up-to-dateness, compliance with requirements and efficiency of the BCM
  • Accompaniment of root cause analyses
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