Abuse of trust: The underestimated danger

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Trust generates an expectation of a certain type of behaviour. This expectation of behaviour is the basis of all private, professional and business relationships. If the trust is abused, misled about ones true intentions and fooled, the trust is "BROKEN". For organizations and their processes, a breach of trust by the people involved means the destruction of process security, the loss of quality control and manageability. This destructive process has a name: Corruption. (Corruptio (lat.): Corruption, corruption, decay of morals) General definition of corruption ISO 37001: Offer, promise, grant, accept or demand an undue advantage of any value (which may be financial or non-financial), directly or indirectly and regardless of the location(s), in violation of applicable law, as an incentive or reward for any person in connection with the performance (3.16) of, or failure to perform, that person's duties. Corruption is first and foremost an ethical activity category. [...]