Keeping an eye on the numerous legal requirements for companies is a great challenge for many entrepreneurs. And yet it is worth taking up this challenge. Legal violations can quickly turn into a tangible crisis for the company.
Claims for damages (e.g. from product liability), fines (e.g. breaches of antitrust law or data protection requirements), but also financial losses due to loss of reputation; whether committed intentionally or negligently, the legal consequences of a breach of law can endanger the continued existence of the company.
The entrepreneurial framework of responsibility and action and the associated obligations and risks should therefore be known and regularly reviewed. A functioning compliance management helps to identify the requirements and risks and can serve business continuity management as the basis for a comprehensive risk analysis. Furthermore, it supports the prevention of legal violations with suitable measures such as training and sensitization and thus also contributes to crisis prevention.
Only those who know their risks can counter them with effective measures and avert or reduce the damage to the company as far as possible.
What about your crisis management? Do you know your risks? We are happy to support you in your risk analysis and help you to make your company crisis-proof!