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Gartner Study: Trends in Security and Risk Management

Gartner, Inc. has identified seven emerging security and risk management trends that will impact security, privacy and risk managers over time. Gartner defines the top trends as ongoing strategic changes in the security ecosystem that are not yet widely recognized, but are expected to have a broad impact on the [...]

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The 5 most important points of a Business Impact Analysis

Completeness and timeliness: The list of all business impacts considered must be complete. In day-to-day business, the focus is primarily on operational details. The overall view is thus lost to a certain extent. In the strategic dimension of Business Impact Analysis (BIA), it is very important not to overlook assets [...]

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Further focus on risk management in 2019

Looking to 2019, directors and C-level executives around the world are very concerned about their company's ability to transform operations and infrastructure to compete successfully with born digital companies. This is the result of the "Executive Perspectives on Top Risks 2019" survey conducted by the global consulting firm Protiviti in [...]

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